CrOS boot from sd, now pinebook doesn't boot anymore
OK, you have orange light,, I had NO lights, aside from charging (red) light
>So this seems to be related to the actual emmc. Could be wrong tho
If you can mount SD on computer you wrote image,
cd / of SD
touch This-Is-SD ,, this makes an empty file in the / of SD file system, so ,
even if it is ro you can do ,, ls / and either it will be there or error is referring to the emmc
(and you are on the emmc)
You could try fsck.ext4 -p /dev/mmc....pX
but likely this will not work
>Not sure what I'm supposed to do here
just dd the 3 files to right place, 64 sectors, 8M,12M (Idbloader, uboot, trust) (and of course the right device)
no other commands (BTW, bs=64k seek=128 is equivalent to bs=1M seek=8, I find latter easier)

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