Crashes in every OS - Hardware-issue?
Hey there,

my PinePhone CE crashed in every system I tested (UBports, Manjaro, Mobian, Sailfish, ...). Sometimes it is running some hours, sometimes it crashes after some minutes. I thought it could be a RAM-problem but I only found memtester as userspace-application which gives no exhaustive result.

Could it be my device has an hardware-issue? How can I test? The phone also gets often really hot. Might also be there is a heatproblem.

I don't know how to go further. I'd really love to use the PP als daily driver but It is not usable this way for me Sad

Any help and hints welcome!
I'm almost certain it'll be the DRAM issue.

I had a similar issue (instability on all OS images).

I patched with the uboot adjustment available on the post on this forum and have not had a single crash since.
can you link the post about the uboot adjustment? I can't find it.
(06-22-2020, 06:22 AM)Bouc Wrote: Hi,
can you link the post about the uboot adjustment? I can't find it.

Have a look here
I only get crashes in ubports, does it run at a higher clock speed than mobian?

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