PBP just 'sploded
I've had it for a few weeks and was using it today.  Installing QT5 so that I could eventually flash the new 20.6 i3 that strit just put out.

I heard a tiny "pop", screen went blank, and now, it won't boot.  Battery was charging with 5V3A charger, had it hooked up to Auzai external monitor, and installing QT5.  Battery was a little warm under the bottom, but not red hot.  

I think I now have a brick.  Any recommendations?

OK, good news, D-0 is back (yes, I have my PBP themed for a Star Wars droid, complete with ogg sound-clips and custom wallpaper).

After he cooled off for about an hour, I plugged in the power adapter and was then able to boot the machine.

I'm wondering if this is a thermal failsafe? Does the board or batteries shut off with high temp?

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