Silly question: What is the new ANX demo image?
(06-19-2020, 12:40 PM)MartijnBraam Wrote: The issue is that brightness is not linear, and some slight manufacturing difference like the specific voltage drop of the leds will cause the point where the screen cuts off to be on different values, due to the nonlinearity of it it also means that the "dark" levels are very close together, so giving the cut-off point some margin for manufacturing differences will mean that for some people the lowest brightness setting is way brighter.

Understandable, guess I just won the silicon lottery then. Screen too efficient to make it dark and memory too slow to run any of the speed increases everyone tried.

Cant complain too much though, I was one of the first batch of PP's in the US.

Thanks for the knowledge and the hard work. Might have to try the silicon lotto again on a PmOS version of PP in July.

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