Silly question: What is the new ANX demo image?
(06-19-2020, 08:20 AM)MartijnBraam Wrote: yeah I've noticed this issue, I'm looking into a fix. the current brightness is set in the kernel dtb so not easy to manually change. main issue is that autobrightness is behaving very broken.

Yea, it definitely seemed a little all over the place, but I figured it would get fixed after a little bit anyway.

I just want to get the manual brightness slider under control so that the user experience for people getting the PmOS version of PP don't accidentally black their screens with no clue how to fix it. However, I'm also hoping that you dont go as conservative as mobian and a few others seem to. I like my screen DARK, and I dont know where the voltage cut off is, but I like that I can get my screen very low with the current bar, I just have to be careful not to go too far...

Hopefully I can keep learning enough to be able to just submit some code for you all at some point, but I'm still pretty new to coding for hardware.

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