Can't boot up Manjaro 20.04 eMMc image from SD card...
(06-22-2020, 09:18 PM)nathanielwheeler Wrote: I am using the ARM Manjaro XFCE 20.04 eMMC to SD Installer on the newest Pinebook Pro.  Because my laptop did not pass QA, I got a backup Pinebook Pro running MATE Debian, not Manjaro KDE like most everyone else got.

Anyway, I boot up the microSD card and hit ESC when the Manjaro logo appears.  I then get the following prompt (but with console GUI):

Choose your eMMC device - Be sure the correct drive is selected!
Currently, the booted sdcard is at "mmcblk1"

- mmcblk2
- mmcblk2boot0
- mmcblk2boot1
- mmcblk1

Naturally, I choose mmcblk2, only to suddenly exit the gui and get the following:

==> Image does not exists....
[root@manjaro-arm ~]#

I made this image using Etcher as advised, and I'm looking at the files and there is definitely an image on this micoSD.  What am I missing here?

I too am having problems trying to install Manjaro as well.....

Did you run the checksum to make sure the image you have is good? Have you tried the KDE version to see if there's a difference?

I've been able to install either Manjaro XFCE or KDE....However, when it comes to running the first update, I get an error message saying that "usr/lib/" already exists and then terminates the update.

Being that it occurs regardless of which image, KDE or XCFE, I use (both were checksummed) I get the same issue.

So, it seems there's something going on. Wonder if my PBP has an internal problem....

Hope you get some resolution soon! :-)

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