Bluetooth low energy & ANT+ sports sensors Pinephone distro?
There is an instruction from Adafruit to build up a BLE bike based on the Adafruit CLUE chip:

The Adafruit Clue chip is Arduino compatible. There are instructions how to run Arduiono code on a Rasperri PI. And as far as I found out there is no reason why Rasperri PI code should not run also on a Pinephone.

The Pinephone would be a better platform for a bike computer than the Adafruit Clue. Replacable batteries, large display, 3G or 4 G connection, etc.

The Adafruit instruction to build up a Pyloton bike computer is great. Is it possible to migrate the code for the Pyloton bike computer to a Pinephone?
I ve got problems since a long time with ANT+ sports sensors, especially from Garmin. It is not possible to access raw data for instance for heart rate recordings in a easy way. Garmin stores them in a intransparent .fit file fomat on their watches. They can be synchronized to different sports platforms. But I could not find an easy way to access raw heart rate data.

Therre are three different Android applications for ANT+ sports sensors:

  1. Garmin connect mobile
    only allows synchronization to Garmin connect, which gives no access to .csv raw data

  1. IpBike
    Despite the name “IpBike” there is no option for an IP stream to the web or to a PC application. Also there is no option to access .csv data. The interface of IpBike is proprietary and not published.

  1. a training tracker from Rainer Blind
    has become an open source project, and can record data directly to .csv files. Unfortunately, i did not manage to get a stable connection to sports sensors to this date.

I m in trouble with ANT+ sports sensors since many years. It is a proprietary standard and I could not find a by users confirmed and community driven solution for a ANT+ sensor data aquisition. It seems that Garmin or THIS IS ANT does not want users to access their raw user data on a PC and process them independently of their software. The user data belong to the user, and not to a company.

I listed all the options for physiological sensor aquisition I was studying here

I love the idea of an open, friendly and community driven Pinephone, and I miss an open, friendly and community driven mobile BLE sports sensor device. It would be the pure oposite from what I experienced with Garmin and THIS IS ANT.
For me personally, DC Rainmaker blog introducing technologies for runners, cyclists and triathletes was very helpful. Ray gave the following information to me, which might be helpful also for a Pinephone BLE Bike computer:

“There are a number of ANT+ profiles not in Bluetooth Smart, for example cycling radar or ANT+ lights, or even a draft ANT+ Aero sensor profile.
Ultimately, the core profiles for a sports watch as I see it are:
ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate
ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Cycling Power
ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Running Footpod (Stride sensor)
ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart Cycling/Speed Sensors (this is technically three different types of sensors: Speed-only, cadence-only, and Speed/Cadence combo).”

You can google this information in DC Rainmakers blog, where I asked Ray this question.

Almost all ANT+ profiles are also available as BLE profiles.

Is there a reason not to build a open, friendly, community driven Pinephone BLE bike computer instead of dealing with closed, unfriendly, and ego ANT+ developers?
There is an excellent tutorial from RD Gameplays & Tech to Convert Garmin files FIT to CSV format:

but better than a post-processing Python script which converts .fit files to .csv format would be a Pinephone software which can record data directly from a Bluetooth smart (BLE) sports sensor to .csv files for analysis of sports data independently from Garmin software like Matlab or Excel.
A Rasperri PI zero with a 4500 mAH battery has working time of more than 20 hrs. The Pinephone only has a working time of 3 to 4 hours with a planned extended 5000 mAH battery, if I got this right:

But a Rasperri PI zero is very limited as far as connectivity is concerned. A Pinephone with an additional external battery pack of 10 000 mAH, eventually with an usb c adapter which has additional HDMI out, and the Pinephone is in the business again.
Have you considered the PineTime for this? Low power requirement, screen and BLE.
Do you think the software for the Arduino compatible Adafruid Open Source Bike computer runs also on the Pinetime?
And has the PineTime an option for a real-time sensor stream to a smartphone or a PC?

I miss a storage device on the PineTime for sensor data.
These features are too little developed on the PineTime. A Pinephone is the better device to start buidling a open source bike computer or an open source sports watch.
PineTime capabilities are very much dependent on what you decide to run on it. Taking your pyloton example, it will probably need some modification to run, but maybe not much. Pyloton is written for CircuitPython which is in turn an extension of MicroPython. Wasp-os is probably the most advanced of the PineTime projects, and lets you run MicroPython apps on the PineTime, so it may be relatively easy to port between them. I'd expect there to be enough storage for you to save data for the ride on the PineTime, then transfer to a phone at the end. It depends on exactly what you want to record though. There's nothing to stop you writing something to send sensor data to a phone in real time, but in that case you may as well do everything on the phone anyway.

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