RetroPie 4.6
[url=]Davide Duca
6 days ago

Hi, I just published a modified version of Retropie 4.6 for RockPro64 on github at the following address:

90% of the scripts have been converted and compiled, there is still 10% of the scripts that need to be modified, for this I seek help from volunteers.
There is also a link for downloading the image with all the packages installed, the Front End works well, but there is still some configuration problem.
I ask anyone interested to help. I chose RetroPie because I have more control over the operating system. I chose the RorckPro64 instead as I have superior performance to any other mini card supported by RetroPie.

I recreated the Git repository including the changes made to the original scripts. each modification has been designed to maintain compatibility with other platforms.

As operating system I installed Armbian 20.02.1 Bionic deprived of the graphic mode.

I therefore send you the link to download the image (16Gb) with the changes made:

username Root or pi
password: 1234

Hope for your help thank you very much.
Excellent, going to give it a try tomorrow.
I just found this thread and also your original thread. It is great, althought the games does not run, but anyway, I can run Stella in SDL without WM even with my joystick support. Now I am trying to upgrade to focal to see what happens.
Thanks for the github link... The Mega download link is your work, correct?

(I didn't want to install a mega app to download it, so figured I'd ask first...)
Do you need any help with the 10%? Whats needed?
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