DaFit Stock Firmware extract for TBH3
I'm running MOY-TBH3-1.7.8 atm and the DaFit app and told me theres a new update availible.
The changelog just said user experience optimization and bugfixes.
For the file to download I've had to have the watch connected, as soon as it did anything on the phone screen I turned off bluetooth on the phone and shut off the PineTime.
Turns out the update file got downloaded to "/data/data/com.crrepa.band.dafit/files/crp/firmware/433bdfc51f938730aaa0211afb635815.bin".
Didn't update yet, may try to read the flash through J-Link debugging later.
Opening this in Radare doesn't show any good disassembly unfortunately, maybe this is only a delta or some parts are encrypted. I've found a few strings that are human-readable/correct. It would be cool if we could get a binary of the original firmware, something to restore if we want to.

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