Import charges for Pinetime

Just wondering if those who have received a Pinetime could give an idea of what, if any, customs and import there were.

Personally would be interested in United Kingdom & Europe, though any part of the world really, as this thread may be helpful to others.
I had 2 delivered to the UK in the same package. No delay in customs, and no duty to pay.
£25.50 tax and £8.00 handling fee.


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Woaw. That's way over the cost of the device. Can you please confirm if that was definitely for the Pinetime, rather than say a Pinebook Pro?
(06-02-2020, 03:56 AM)CrowdOfOne Wrote: Woaw. That's way over the cost of the device. Can you please confirm if that was definitely for the Pinetime, rather than say a Pinebook Pro?
Sorry, I miss read the thread title.

It was for the pine phone.

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In theory anything over (I think) £17 should be picked up by the delivery company and they will charge you VAT and duty. However it is a bit of a lottery whether the package will get noticed or not (especially for something physically small and light like a PineTime).

A today's exchange rate it looks like PineTime cost ~£20 plus postage which means if the delivery company did notice it then they you'd attract around £13 of charges (most of which is the handling charge rather than the actual tax costs).
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Cheers Daniel, that's a really great answer. I sort of knew it was likely just beyond threshold and the taxes should be low, but you're right... it's the handling charge that makes it expensive. Thanks for taking the time to separate those two - explaining it in the way you did really helps to see it in a clearer light.

This is going off-topic, but as far as I previously understood it the handling charges are applied if the tax has not been declared or paid before import; however, I have always struggled to understand how it might be possible to do that.

I've previously paid $25 (appropriately enough) for an item off ebay, sent from the US, which was part of their 'global shipping programme' (which takes care of the item clearing customs). $8 postage turned into $26, along with import charges of $14, though I'm not sure how much the actual custom charges really were as ebay's T&C state they include: 'Third party brokerage fees (including advancement and disbursement charges and customs brokers handling and filing fee'. And nowhere in the T&C's do they break down what those fees are.

If I were ordering the Pine Phone or a Pinebook Pro handling charges become a minor percentage of the overal cost; however, with an item that costs $36 inc. p&p I wouldn't be surprised to find out that undeclared duties basically doubled that cost. Especially as it would be reasonable to assume their'd be even higher than those ebay paid in advance on my behalf.

Anyhow, really appreciate everyone that has chimed in with answers so far. Thank you. I'd like to try my hand at developing for Pinetime and it's just unfortunate that something so completely extraneous is an obstacle to following that urge.
According to Royal Mail it starts at £15 not £17, and it's up to Customs not the delivery company whether there's anything to pay. If there is then they pass on the charges, plus their fee on top. Packages from China seem to be routinely marked as having a lower value than is correct, which may or may not be believed, and if it's not believed the process will get more complicated. My PineTime package was marked as worth $20 and came through without charges. Royal Mail were the UK carrier for China Post and Asendia.
Thanks Wibble. Your info about customs and about having recieved a Pinetime yourself is most helpful.

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