Boot problems with new 128GB eMMC module
Boot problems with new 128GB eMMC module

Just got a new 128GB eMMC module from Pine64 and replaced the 64GB module in my PBP. Now I'm getting the following errors when booting from an old 32 GB microSDHC card: "blk_update_request: I/O error, dev mmcblk1, sector..." and bus speed changes "mmc_host mmc1: Bus speed (slot 0)...". For more details, I've attached a screenshot.

Changing back to the old 64GB eMMC module, I can boot from eMMC and SD card again. The 128GB eMMC module can be mounted on another computer without problems using the USB adatper.

Any ideas, what could be causing those problems or how I should proceed? Or am I doing something wrong here... maybe just a beginner's problem... Confused

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Still don't know why this was happening - but I flashed the 128GB eMMC module via USB adapter now: Putting the 128GB eMMC module on the USB adapter, I could boot from the SDHC card without problems and use the Debian installer to get a working system on the 128GB eMMC card. No problems after putting the eMMC card back in the PBP, but I still didn't dare to test the SDHC again after booting the new Debian install.

I will try the SDHC card again, when I've got more time - just to see if the I/O errors and clock speed changes show up again.

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