Battery not charging via AC Adapter
Hi -

My PBP arrived yesterday. Out of the box everything seemed to work. Battery discharged over night (I neglected to power off PBP, so today I plugged in the AC adapter. Battery began charging, and I left it to continue charging while I stepped away. A couple hours later, I return to see the battery has stopped charging, and remains in a discharging state whether the AC adapter is connected or not. I've tried power cycling the PBP but that hasn't resolved the issue. 

I just tested connecting to a USB-C dock and can confirm that PBP does draw power via USB-C, so it appears to just be the AC adapter. Any suggestions for how better to determine whether it's a faulty adapter or a problem with the port in the PBP?

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Battery not charging via AC Adapter - by laissezfarrell - 05-29-2020, 07:16 PM

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