Manjaro Kde screen resolution
(05-29-2020, 10:32 PM)rfm83 Wrote:
(05-29-2020, 04:19 PM)Arwen Wrote: You don't want to change a built-in LCD panel's resolution. These LCD panels are generally not smart enough to actually scale properly. Several people have soft bricked their Pinebook Pros by doing so. (Soft bricked meaning after some effort, they got them fixed without replacing any hardware, except perhaps using a MicroSD card.)

So, what can you do instead?
  • Increase the font size
  • Use a font with more pronounce features
  • Increase the various window manager sizes, (like increase the height of the tool bar)
  • Change the color scheme to be easier on the eyes, (even though it may not be bigger, proper contrast can help usabilility)
  • Change the window manager's decorations.
  • Use a workspace manager, (so one application per workspace)
  • And, when at home or office, use an external monitor
Anyone else have suggestions?
Your suggestion to increase the font size is actually good. I was able to do so and also increase the size of some of the icons as well. Things are easier to see now. Thanks a lot!
Your welcome.

One thing I forgot, is that changing the X-Window's DPI, (Dot's Per Inch), can help too. Can't remember off hand which direction makes things bigger. I've decided that this subject comes up enough for a Wiki section. I've cross referenced the trouble shooting section with the new Improving Readability & Usability section;

Wiki - Pinebook Pro - Improving readability
Wiki - Pinebook Pro - After changing builtin LCD resolution, blank screen

As usual, feel free to correct, improve or comment, (good or politely bad).
Arwen Evenstar
Princess of Rivendale

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