KWin keeps crashing
(05-28-2020, 12:42 PM)boudha Wrote: Hi everyone !

I just received my pinebook pro today and its a wonderful device but still, I encountered some problems.
The most annoying of those being that KWin keeps crashing, randomly it seems, but almost always when I open or close a window, most of the time it seems to manage to restart itself but sometimes it does not and I am forced to reboot and it's getting really annoying
I was wondering if other people came across the same kind of bug

(by the way I kept the manjaro kde stock installation)

Hi there! I just received my PBP last weekend from the August 2020 shipment and have been experiencing the exact same issue. Perhaps you've already figured out a solution to this or you've given up and moved on. I'm replying in hope that if it is too late to help you, perhaps it won't be too late for someone else.
Anyway - even after going through the optimization steps in the wiki, I still had this problem.

1. from the Pine64 wiki (
a. follow the steps in sections 2.1.2 - 2.1.4

Additionally, open software manager and install kwin-git. This will replace the existing kwin installation and all of its dependencies. Afterward, I have rebooted and haven't experienced a single kwin related crash

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