Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
I am not a very patient person but for once I felt I could be but this is crazy. I ordered my PP back on April 20th to London. I have not received anything from the company except a very vague answer on an email where they told me to look at shipping information on pine64 that didn't answer my question. I am still waiting for something but I feel I have been scammed out of my money. I understand restrictions brought from COVID but this is simply too much. I just want the bloody phone. This is not a 'just take my money!!' moment. This is a 'I have given you the money and have waited for months for this product and I haven't received s*ite' moment. I am so bloody tired of this. Let a hacker be a hacker and send the damn product already. I have heard of a few stories about pine64 with people not receiving their product with their tracking showing that their package is actually going further away from them and then becoming lost and pine64 doesn't care but I thought that was just haters gonna hate kind of moment or that it was a very small number of cases and pine did actually try to help but from my order and what help I have got from their customer support, I doubt I will be receiving the product I have long been waiting for. At least I will have something to rant about on purism forums when this probably will not arrive.

NOTE: On standard delivery. Had to go abroad so I am not even sure I will be home to pick up the product if it ships anymore as I didn't expect it to take this long to ship. Funny how I can get to west Asia and do what I need to for a few weeks and by the time I come back home, I will probably still be waiting for pine to ship to the UK let alone my order Smile

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concerning my pinephone order - by freshinstall - 06-03-2020, 09:13 PM
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RE: So, where are the phones? - by daniel - 07-03-2020, 10:53 AM
RE: So, where are the phones? - by Alstroplane - 07-03-2020, 10:56 AM
RE: Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress - by User4 - 07-04-2020, 07:15 AM
RE: Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress - by rhanksjr - 07-23-2020, 09:40 AM
RE: Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress - by rhanksjr - 08-02-2020, 11:14 PM
PinePhone stuck in customs? - by N900 - 08-05-2020, 07:18 AM
RE: PinePhone stuck in customs? - by daniel - 08-05-2020, 08:52 AM

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