Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
Whoohoo!  The times they are a changin...

I got a notification from DHL!

I ordered my PinePhone Community Edition on 4/25 to be shipped DHL and got a paypal notice that Syabas Technology in HK had received it also on the 25th. 

Based on the order date, I think I was in the "second batch".  Never heard an official confirmation of that.

Today the Much Demanded "DHL On Demand Delivery" email stating "Your DHL Express shipment with waybill number xxxx from SYABAS TECHNOLOGY HONG KONG LIMITED is on its way. The current estimated delivery is Mon Jun 29 by End of Day."

I am so excited.  Hang in their people, Santa Claus does come in June. 

Don't get old, don't get responsibiities.  I've beent procrastinating reading the forum. Now, I have to:
1- Determine how to make this a t-mo, band 12, extended range, VoLTE daily driver with SMS, voice, and internet access.  
2- figure out what this stuff is about Vconn, the fix, and if that will prevent something to do with SD cards.
3- Determine the USB-C port's max bandwidth on this phone to determine if a USB SD card reader will be faster than the internal SD reader.
4- Depending on that, 3D print a thin sleeve that has a USB-C card reader so I can get a big SD card for multiple distros and swap.  (Dream would be a tiny USB-C hub for the card reader and other items).
5- Investigate zram, zswap, zthatotherthing
6- Work on Anbox for the few items like Slack and ZenDesk.

Thanks Luke! Thanks Pine64 team!

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