Pinebook Pro & PinePhone shipping progress (2020)
(06-09-2020, 07:15 AM)dieharddan Wrote:
(05-25-2020, 01:50 AM)Luke Wrote: [edit 9 June] If you originally selected Asendia, it is now possible to change to DHL shipping. Once we get 1000 people to switch over from Asendia to DHL shipment will commence. I'll obviously update you on that in due time.

Out of curiosity, what prompted the decision to stipulate 1000 upgrades before shipment? I can't imagine this will be any quicker than waiting for Ascendia to get their s*&t together and fulfill their commitments.

You and the team have been super transparent and made all the right decisions up to this point and while I get (truly I do, i've been there) the pressure and stress you're under, I'm a touch confused by the solution from a logistics standpoint.

That said, deep breaths, you're in the final stretch. You've a lot of early adopters here behind you all the way. At the end of the day, it's only a phone, even if it might change the world.

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