Pinebook without stuck or dead pixel
Going off of what I've heard here and there, it sounds like defective pixels are fairly uncommon on the Pinebook Pro. Next to about nine or ten reports of perfect displays, I have heard only one report of a stuck pixel on someone's Pinebook Pro. As far as I know, the reminder on the order page about the possibility of bad pixels is mostly to try to prevent the possibility of a defective unit and an irascible user happening to find each other, and resulting in an ugly payment-dispute situation.

However, I still think that the message should be taken at face value: if a single bad pixel would seriously upset you, then the Pinebook Pro probably isn't a good fit for you. If you expect perfection, then it's going to disappoint you in more ways than just that, too. This is primarily an experiment in low-cost open-source hardware, so there's no shame in deciding not to be a test subject this time around if it doesn't sound like fun.

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