Hinge Clicking Noise on Closing and Opening
(05-28-2020, 10:12 AM)diodelass Wrote: I've had this problem on my unit, and it seems to have been more or less completely solved by using a syringe to insert a very small drop of sewing machine oil into the hinge. it took a few days to work its way into the problem area, but my hinge is now pop-free.

Do be careful about getting oil on the ABS surfaces of the device, though, because it might damage them.

Hi diodelass,

I think thats going to be the route i go. Its not done in for a week or so but im going to strip it down when my M.2 adaptor comes and lube everything up. I've got some oil here i use on photocopiers which should handle everything fine as it doesn't run.

Thanks for your reply.

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