Booting from microSD
(04-19-2020, 07:04 PM)evj Wrote:
(04-12-2020, 08:04 PM)Samurai_Crow Wrote: PineBook Pro has an ARM compatible CPU.  That's not Intel compatible code.  It's incompatible with Intel/AMD programming.

Oh, thanks. I am old to computing (started in 1957), have used Unix, and have Linux (Ubuntu) on my portable, but I am a novice at computer hardware and Linux administration.

When you look at the wiki,  there is a fairly good selection of distributions to choose from.
    ( NO straight Ubuntu yet, but some similar )

   Please do notice most are available for your choice of SD card installation or eMMC installation.

Especially if you want to install a particular OS to the eMMC,  **   but keep the ability to boot from the SD card. ?

TONS of good information in the wiki.

I "SUGGEST" trying it from the SD card first before installing to your eMMC.

It runs 'ok' from an SD card just a little slower.

But you can "SEE" if you like a particular OS before permanently installing it.
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