Quick Start Manual Translations - Please help
Hello everyone,

In the link below you'll find the final draft of the PinePhone Quick Start Manual. This is a manual we are required to include with future PinePhone shipments for regulatory purposes. 

We welcome any language translations, from all corners of the globe, but we are particularly interested in big (population-wise) European languages, such as: French, German and Spanish.

Before doing anything read this first:
  • If you're up to the task then I kindly ask you to clearly state (in this thread) that you are going to do a translation and state which language you'll translate to
  • If someone already said they'll be translating to the language you speak in, perhaps reach out and help them out - split the workload.
  • Some languages are more expressive than others, but keep the text  as short as possible while still maintaining semantic coherence
  • Be very cautious with section 2.2 - the translation needs to be as close to the original English text as possible
  • Please post finished translations here in this thread and @ me so I don't miss it
  • If you spot some mistake in the English version linked below do let me know - I'll fix it.
Huge, HUGE thanks for help in advance!!!!


[edit] per request a .docx file can be found in the attachment
[edit 2] .odt file https://send.firefox.com/download/9d836f...7QVrjvHHyw

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.docx   USER MANUAL - QUICK START GUIDE 1.2 DRAFT.docx (Size: 211.72 KB / Downloads: 850)
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