How to build Webradio from Board A64 ?
Thank Luke,

I am afraid I did  not choose the right options for Armbian-Config, I follow " " but lot of options are unclear for me...
Because I am familiar with Ubuntu, I tried another install following  the Thread "Step By Step How To Install Ubuntu Image" #45 : It worked, but system is often very slow, I am wondering if my old SD card is good enough. → much better since I replaced the mouse !

With this install :
  •  aplay - l only gives one soundcard = sndhdmi, device 0
  •  aplay wavefile gives lot of errors "underun!!! (at least 991mS long) and I can hear very short part of music.
  •  trying audio from media application (Parole mediaplayer) does not work → Gstreamer backend error
  •  I can't use DVI monitor,  I did not find trick as for Armbian where I could add a line "disp-dv-compat=1 into /boot/armbianEnv.txt
Last experiments : paplay wavefile gives correct sound to hdmi, (not the right souncard for me, but better than nothing !) paplay mp3 file does not work : failed to open audio file.

So What ? I need to learn how to use paplay with mp3, m3u or other web audio stream, and also find out how to control Pine64 from its IR port... Yet extracting analog sound from HDMI does not look simple !  Maybe I should switch for another install but wich one ?

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