COVID-19 help: Donating masks to you local community on your behalf
Hello everyone,

Long story short, one of the factories producing PINE64 gear is now manufacturing surgical masks. We secured a large quantity of these masks and wish to donate them (a carton of 1000) on your behalf to institutions / organizations in your local community. We'll ship the masks using DHL so it reaches the designated recipient quickly.

Lastly,  I know people will want to donate money to us as a 'thank you', but we'll rather have you donate the sum you had in mind to your local food bank, Red Cross, etc.,

About the masks
These are simple surgical masks without a filter. Without going into a detailed discussion, as that is beyond the scope of this post,  there is strong indication that such  masks are still very effective at preventing droplets containing the virus from entering human airways. More importantly, these masks are also capable of containing droplets with the virus from being dispersed by people who are already infected.  

So, who can I donate masks to?
Here are 6 ideas from the top of my head, I'm sure you can think of something more case-specific:
1) Charities that distribute food to people in quarantine / self-isolation
2) Mental heath workers (usually with health services of a charity) operating in your area  
3) Elderly peoples institutions 
4) Schools, nurseries, childminders, etc., working with key-workers children during the pandemic
5) Homeless (and other) shelters
6) Local councils or volunteer organizations tasked with checking in on vulnerable people in your community

Quick note: your local medical services have filtered masks (in stock or on order) for medical professionals exposed to infected patients, and in all likelihood couldn't make use of surgical masks due to regulatory standards.


1) Forums and chat moderators
2) Partner-project developers
3) Community developers (anyone who contributed code to a PINE64 device)
4) Developers from key projects to PINE64 community (e.g. SUNXI, Lima, Panfrost, etc.,)
6) Others at my discretion

I know an organization/ institution in need of masks, how do I get in touch?
Email me directly ( with the heading "Masks for [institution/organization]". In your email please provide the name of the institution or organization along with the complete and full address line, as well as  your name as you wish it to appear on donation. Also, do indicate in your email to me if you've spoken to people at the organization / institution about receiving the masks -- it may be wise to ask the organization first.
We'll ship the masks worldwide (mostly EU and US given current situation) until they run out at which point I'll update or remove this post. There may be some instances where, due to quarantine and closed boarders, we'll be unable to ship the masks.

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