Suspend/resume on opensuse xfce lid close?
(03-20-2020, 10:03 AM)ab1jx Wrote: Try a quick tap on the power button.  Or the shift key but that's more for screen blanking.

On the stock Stretch which I installed LXDE to instead of using Mate: I can just close the lid.  When I open it the power light is a different color, and if I tap the power switch it changes and the machine is active again.  It doen't always work, apparently it's a difficult thing to implement and that goes back years before the Pinebook.

That's not a true suspend though where the memory gets written out to the hard drive/mmc/sd//ssd and the CPU shuts down and doesn't draw power.  If I power it up a few hours later the battery has less charge.

Thanks for your reply. Neither the quick tap on power or the shift key is bringing the screen back. 

If it helps, the power light *is* green, which seems to me to be more an indication that the screen isn't lit after reopening the lid (I can live with that).

Trying a few of the other SD cards I have around, it does look like opensuse gnome *is* operating correctly. Is there some important difference besides the session manager?

Thanks again.

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