Manjaro and Arch repository with privacy oriented software
I would like to invite all of you to the site and repo we have created recently.
Having noticed that some privacy oriented software was not easily available, we started to prepare, build and provide some of it with this repository. This makes it easy to install and upgrade these applications without having to build them yourself.

As for now there is Ungoogled Chromium (caidao) and LibreWolf (librewolf) available. But stay tuned, there will be more.
More information (including how to use it) available on

Ale the credits for the work go to @llsf with my little help.

Edit 01.08.2020

What we have now:

1. Caidao - ungoogled Chromium
2. LibreWolf - browser based on Firefox with more than 500 privacy/security/performance settings, patches.
3. Signal desktop.
4. Ferdi Messenger - more info at
5. Teams-for-linux - unofficial client for MS Teams -
6. lrzip-git - A compression utility that excels at compressing large files -
7. uhk-agent -
8. Bitwarden - Open Source password Manager
9. Hamsket - Open Source and Cross Platform messaging and emailing app
10. Jitsi Meet Desktop - Open Source Video Calls and chat
11. Standardnotes - Open Source, and completely encrypted notes app

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