OMV + VPN server + Pi Hole?
(03-16-2020, 10:51 AM)odhinnhrafn Wrote:
(03-16-2020, 10:37 AM)mabs Wrote:
(03-16-2020, 08:36 AM)odhinnhrafn Wrote: So, I have a RockPro64 running OMV that I purchased last year some time.  It's in the NAS case with 2 4TB HDDs, running as separate drives.  It's been working great, with Emby plug in.  I had an issue where I lost power (hadn't bought a UPS yet), and the main media drive crapped out.  That's all solved.  Now, however, I'm looking at using a SBC to run a VPN server, and pi hole to remove ads from my network.  I was looking at an Odroid N2 to run this.  However, after some research, I'm thinking maybe I can run all 3 services on the RP64...  It seems to be powerful enough for it.  Is it wise to do an all in one, or should I keep them separated?

That should be fine. I'm running e.g. nextcloud/openVPN/tvheadend/syncthing/nginx/mariadb (several)/nfs/samba/aria2... and more mainly in docker containers.

One java application I had to move to my spare rockpro64, since it is a bit sensible when it comes to memory or timing issues..

I guess you are talking about a Home/small office server!


I'm not even using it as heavily as you.  I have OMV with Emby, but I think I'll be moving over to Plex.  It's just a NAS, right now.  I have an Intel NUC running as my HTPC (wife doesn't want to adapt to Linux), so the load on the RP64 is pretty light.  

Seeing your list, I can definitely add OpenVPN and Pi Hole to it, with no issues to performance.  I feel better about adding more uses to this board.  I'll definitely enjoy putting my whole network on a VPN instead of just a device here and there when I'm downloading.

How easy was it to get Docker working on your OMV?  Thank you much for your response!

I'm not using OMV. I was using that before. But now I have a plain debian installation with a self compiled kernel.
So docker install was like you will find tutorials and explainations in the Net.

Currently I run several contains via docker-compose, but docker-compose you need to install/cross-compile yourself for arm. I think I followed this one


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