Default Manjaro KDE build download link for Pinebook Pro?
I also received my Pinebook Pro in January with debian installed. Using another computer I used Balena etcher to flash Manjaro to a microSD card and booted my Pinebook Pro from that. is a link to a video on youtube by LearnLinuxTV where Jay wals you through the process of flashing the eMMC drive from the microSD using the dd command in the terminal. In the video Jay re-installs the debian OS so at that step I substituted the Manjaro image.
Jay mentioned that a couple of steps take some time and he wasn't joking (about five minutes each).
Anyway I followed the video and have Manjaro KDE as my default OS. My only complaint was very low volume, which was fixed by typing alsamixer into the terminal pressing F6 and choosing the "es" sound card, then using the direction keys to turn both speakers just into the white areas then exiting.

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RE: Default Manjaro KDE build download link for Pinebook Pro? - by MrDitchy - 03-21-2020, 09:41 AM

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