Bliss OS on Pinebook Pro
(03-18-2020, 06:15 AM)wolfen1125 Wrote:
(03-14-2020, 10:55 PM)jaysistar Wrote: Has anyone been able to get Bliss OS on a Pinebook Pro? Being that it's basically a desktop centric Android, it would seem that this would be a great OS to have in the list of images on the Wiki.

From what I know of Bliss OS, the desktop-centric version is for x86, not ARM, so doing this would require a full recompilation of the source to port Bliss OS over.  Although it does seem that Bliss does offer modified Android images for ARM-based smartphones, so indeed it may be possible, but I would imagine the time involved would be considerable.  I do agree that from my own testing of Bliss OS on an x86 machine I keep around for testing that it possesses unique qualities for an Android-based distribution, and I believe that only time will tell.  PBP and the other SBC hardware that the Pine64 team are producing and developing software for is still in the development stages, and coming along quite well to be so young.  I am excited at the possibilities that are available and the community-centric environment actually encourages input from its users, and an Android-based alternative with a functional desktop sounds like a great idea to me as well.

It's possible, Bliss made a version for the OG Pinebook (now impossible to find,) and the dev, last time I reached out to them, was more than friednly/helpful. I wouldn't be surprised if they passed on making an img for the PBP, but it should be possible to use the repo for the Pinebook Bliss as a jumping off point for the PBP. (Of course, hardware support within it will need to be changed.)

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