LTS will not boot with 7" LCD connected
Hi, did you get solution to this problem ?

I have two boards, an 2GB LTS and older 1GB Pine A64+. The LTS is powered via the DC barrel connector and a 5V 3,4A Power supply, and for the Pine A64+ I used a 5V (supposedly) 2,5A USB Power supply. I got the LCD working on both devices after I activated it in the hardware section ind the armbian-config.

Since I got some reboots on the A64+ I tried to power it up via the DC IN pins on the Euler. This is where It got crazy. Suddenly the LCD did not power up and I was able to boot the board when disconnecting the flat ribbon cable from the LCD and using HDMI.

More strangely - the armbianEnv.txt got completely messy containing some entries related to logging settings and some weird characters. I do not know if the LCD can be used when the board is powered via the euler bus

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