Did anyone experiment with pogopins?
(03-08-2020, 06:44 PM)kreyren Wrote: Did anyone experiment with pogopins added to the pcb yet?

I was thinking about sordering the pogopins to the pcb in a way taht would allow connecting to the custom contacts on the backplate so that the watch could be connected to the custom charger that would have a socket for the debugging cable (or ideally solution that would allow flashing via USB)

I've speculated in a couple of threads about using the chassis of the two magnets to pass out SWCLK and SWDIO so they can be reached via pogo pins. It does involve careful drilling of the case but I still think this is likely to be the "most invisible" mod possible. However I've not actually tried to implement it and I don't have any plans to try it in the near future... maybe if I buy a second PineTime for testing ;-) .
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