ROCK64 v3 4GB DDR board memory chip number

I recently received a ROCK64 v3 4GB DDR memory board.
The board has a 4GB sticker on it and came in a box stating it is 4GB.
However, after installing two linux distributions I found out that available memory is only 1GB.
(distros: bionic-lxde-rock64-0.9.14-1159-armhf.img.xz and Armbian_2-.02.1_Rock64_bionic_current_5.4.20_desktop.7z (both) on eMMC and microSD card.)

I found out that the DDR memory chip has number PB047 - 125 PT on it, this identifies online as a 1GB (8Gb) memory chip not 4GB (see pictures below).

My question is what 4GB chip numbers of other ROCK64 v3 4GB boards are there with confirmed 4GB of memory when the OS (linux) is running?
(just press <enter> after typing command 'free' or top in a terminal)


[Image: IMG-9523.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot-2020-03-03-at-12-30-17.png]

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