Mainline Debian Buster on RockPro64 ?
@foresto Sorry, I have not put this correct. I am not aware of an announcement about official support in Debian regarding this.

What I meant was: Many boards for which Debian does not provide "official" support are supported well by its Kernel and generally work fine with the official, unmodified Debian. The only difference is that there is no packaged Bootloader for Debian, so you have to self-compile and flash it once.

For me, this level of official support is almost sufficient and would be a great improvement over the current situation. Currently, the RockPro64 does not work at all in Debian 10 as its kernel does not even have the proper DTB files. For a list of boards for which Debian 10 ships dtb files see here:

(of course not all features work on these boards but basic support can be expected)

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