Better (than default Debian/MATE) Linux distro?
I recently received my PBP and am interested in running Ubuntu as discussed here however I've hit a snag:

I flashed my SD card as described by @mrjay by setting up a new partition table and partition, setting the bootable flag and then using dd to copy over the partition image and expanding it to fill the entire drive:

(03-01-2020, 02:18 AM)mrjay Wrote: I'm flashing it with command:

sudo dd if=generated/ubuntu_20.04_gnome.img of=/dev/mmcblk1p1 bs=1024k status=progress

The system initially booted into Manjaro however restarting the machine did boot into Ubuntu and appeared to be working fine

The PBP originally had 2 partitions where the 2nd partition appeared to have similar content to the Ubuntu partition so I dd's the Ubuntu partition image to that 2nd PBP partition and restarted. The PBP power light turned solid green however the screen remained black.

I tried several reboots via CTRL+ALT+DEL as well as cold boots until it finally booted to SD again after reseating the SD card and cold booting.

I figured the PBP probably needed the same partitions as the SD card to boot so made a new partition table on PBP with single partition set to boot and dd'd the image over again to PBP.

Now it will not power on at all.

PBP is plugged in and power cable has solid red light however power button doesn't appear to do anything at all. No others lights regardless of how long I hold the power button.

Any way to recover the machine?

Update: Was able to recover by using a USB eMMC adapter and 2nd PBP to dd their entire eMMC to mine

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