mainline kernel hardware acceleration
collecting information and projects regarding hardware acceleration in mainline kernel, ffmpeg, and vaapi.

drm hwaccel working with hantro (mpeg2, vp8, h264) and rkvdec (vp9, h264 8+10bit, h265 8+10bit)
ffmpeg 4.2.3 with v4l2-request-hwaccel-4.2.2-rkvdec patch working well, except decoders listing is broken (i.e. mpv and others will be broken)
kodi supports all hantro and rkvdec hwaccel, including plugins (youtube and jellyfin confirmed) *see kodi-git thread*
gstreamer supports vp8 and h264 via v4l2codecs in gstreamer-plugins-bad
vaapi hwaccel working with hantro (mpeg2)
firefox 75 supports initial vaapi on wayland, v76 expands vaapi support to all supported codecs, no X11 support
chrome supports vaapi with unofficial patch that will never be upstreamed, but included in some linux distros (fedora, etc.)


pinebook pro tools, including installation scripts, patches, and configs, now on git. also see forum thread.


linux patchwork - linux-media:

linux patchwork - linux-rockchip:

libreelec/kwiboo mainline kernel patches:

libreelec/kwiboo mainline kernel testing patches:

kwiboo's rockchip-linux repos:

bbrezillon's rockchip-linux repos:

ph5's libva patch:


ph5's libva-v4l2-request patches:

kwiboo's ffmpeg v4l2-request branch:

gstreamer v4l2codecs:

gstreamer vaapi:

firefox vaapi:

chrome vaapi:


allwinner cedrus hwaccel project:

LibreElec - Early Mainline Images for <...> RK3399:

LibreElec - Not Official LE Version for <...> RK3399

Armbian - early VPU work:

Armbian - Mainline VPU

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