Mobile Carriers in the United States
(07-29-2020, 02:53 PM)tophneal Wrote:
(07-29-2020, 02:41 PM)klick Wrote: Hello All,
I just recently received my Ubuntu CE and hoped to use it on T-Mobile. Currently updated to OS Build Number 2020-07-27/2, version 116. I used my T-Mobile SIM from my iPhone and the PinePhone indicates that it is connected to the T-Mobile network but incoming and outgoing calls do not work. I was able to successfully send texts with the PinePhone to another iPhone but the replies were not routed to the PinePhone. The routing issue was probably due to still being linked to my iPhone and Apple's iMessage servers and I was not expecting for text to work properly without completing disconnecting my number from Apple's servers.

When making outgoing calls after rebooting, the dial pad has audible beeps and the PinePhone attempts to make the call. Shortly thereafter, the phone states that the call "Failed". After that first call attempt, the dial pad no longer has the audible beeps when being pressed. When an incoming call to the PinePhone was tried, the PinePhone did not ring but the call was instead routed back through Apple's servers (I assume, as I was able to answer the call on my Apple watch).

I have in the past been able to use the same SIM and switch back and forth between an iPhone and Android phone and still be able to make and receive calls without issue but something is not working or set properly on the PinePhone. The PinePhone appears to automatically detect the T-Mobile APN settings but call routing is not working for me.

I have read that others have been able to use T-Mobile but I am not sure what is different about my situation.

Have you already verified the APN info in UBports is correct for T-Mobile?
I used the settings that T-Mobile listed on their site for BYOD. The PinePhone automatically set the APN as but it did not pick up the MMSC.  I tried to manually enter the MMSC but the phone would not save it. I set the phone to 2G/3G/4G and tried selecting the "Internet and MMS" option (phone would not save the Internet and MMS option) and nothing changed.

The texting partially worked so I assume I was connected to T-Mobile in some capacity. As I mentioned, I was not expecting full texting parity since the SIM is tied to Apple iMessages. The phone settings function lock up on occasion so I have to close the settings and reopen. Is there a swipe or option to go back to the previous screen? In the settings, there does not appear to be a save function or a previous screen option after making changes. I have tried pressing the "v" in the upper right corner and does not save the changes.

The first time I placed the SIM in the PinePhone I had received a phone call that went to voicemail and I received a notification on the PinePhone. I was able to listen to the voicemail, but the sound was so low that I could barely hear it, even though the phone volume was turned to max.
PinePhone UBports CE and Mobian on SD, Mint Mobile, Pinebook Pro Manjaro

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