Performance and Power Demand RockPro64
(02-05-2020, 05:43 PM)dukla2000 Wrote: The lowest measure I get is 14.1W, so the RockPro64 is sucking say 9.9W. This reading is pretty constant whether I have the HDMI plugged in or not, whether I am at a boot prompt or running Openbox, whether I have my BT dongle plugged in or not, and whether the NVMe is plugged in or not. I am running Interactive power management so all 6 cores are at 408MHz.

I ran sbc-bench and from time to time watched the meter, as well as my gkrellm monitor.
All of these numbers are as per the Brennenstuhl:
With 1 A53 core fully loaded at 1512MHz the incremental power use is 0.28W
With 1 A72 core fully loaded at 1992MHz the incremental power use is 2.73W
With all 6 cores running 100% in general the incremental power use was 7.53W, I did see 1 spike at +9.53W.

These 'incremental power' observations were all during the 7-zip part of the benchmark, so not the max load that could be done with say neon instructions, but pretty much an average heavy load.

So overall highest ever meter reading was 23.63W so @ 70% my guess is max RockPro64 usage was 16.5W.

Hope this makes sense. And is useful.

This is perfect and exactly the kind of information I was looking for! Thank you very much!

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