Kickstarter IS NOT A STORE!!! (just my 2 cents)
(05-02-2016, 11:41 AM)rhkean Wrote: You didn't purchase a board

There is no warranty.

you can't return it.

They'll probably swap it out if you got a bad one, though.... it happens.

I keep seeing posts and comments about not being happy with their purchase and wanting to return their product.

Kickstarter is not a store.... it's an investment portal.

That's why we're called "backers" not customers....  That's why they're called "Rewards" not sales.

and.... like every other investment opportunity in the free market, it comes with risks...
  • the board may not work
  • the board may not be delivered on schedule
  • it may not do all the initial project had hoped
  • it may get lost in the mail
  • etc, etc, etc.

you did not buy a product... you invested in a group of people that had an idea with the hopes that your investment would yield a $15 linux computer.

NOTE:  this was my 1st KickStarter investment...
Sorry, but the deal was and is a working board, faults problems may occur, but you can expect to exchange for a working board, since the components and design where tested before scale production. Refund:. Nope, the deal is you are in for the long run, no returns, however exchange I think are completely acceptable and I would say a normal procedure.

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