How to make Time change persistent
Forgive me if this was asked already as the mobile website doesn't have search option though I did skim through a few of the pages with no luck. My issue is that after I change my clock to my local time by clicking on clock at bottom of screen and editing it there when I reboot it's back to plus 5 hours or UTC time. When I search the web,s point to a file in /etc/default/ rcS and changing UTC=yes to UTC=no. I can't recall exactly as I'm not at home with machine but it's either the file doesn't exist or at least as the same name or when I open it there isn't the same wording. Anyone who's changed their time and it sticks through reboots mind sharing the steps for me? Thank you

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How to make Time change persistent - by FeMike - 01-23-2020, 08:42 AM

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