Openjdk-11-jdk / Java on Arm64
(01-23-2020, 04:53 AM)AJN Wrote: Hello Pine64 Community,

since Oracle has no available option for Java 11 for Arm64 I was asking and looking for different ways and sources.

I found out that Azul Systems (
and also Bellsoft ( both distribute a Java Version that is made for Arm64 Systems and thus should work for Pinebook Pro.

Nevertheless, since I am quite a novice I was not able to properly install them and make them work.
Is it even possible to install them on the Pinebook Pro and make Java 11 work for Arm64 (yet)?

When I tried to install from the terminal there was no executable option to install (e.g. like configure)
When I tried to install via package installer the option to install was greyed out.

It would be so great if one of you could answer my questions or even help me work around my problem.
Maybe someone could provide me with a "how to" or "step by step" support as Iam currently about to give up.


I'm not sure about Oracle, but I tend to get more use out of openjdk. I would recommend using that instead on linux.

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