How to boot Manjaro from NVME with uboot on eMMC
(03-27-2020, 01:28 AM)as400 Wrote:
(03-26-2020, 03:20 PM)fretinator Wrote: Never mind. I install the spi-flash image, used the Micro_SD to install directly to the NVME, and then disabled the eMMC with the switch. It works like a charm. Woo hoo!

Great to hear. You were doing everything right but Manjaro is not using boot.scr anymore. They are using extlinux.conf now.

I think I will have to update my howto - thanks Smile

As Manjaro now uses extlinux.conf it is also possible to keep the config file unchanged and just name the system partition on NVME as “ROOT” and the others something different. Works well on my pbp

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