Pebble/Rebble compat?
Has anyone looked closely at the work the RebbleOS folks did in creating an open source version of the Pebble OS?

It seems to be based on FreeRTOS and the Pebble hardware is very similar, although presumably we'd only use the center 144x168 pixels of the display. is a good summary of the pebble hardware. seems to be the main site for the pebble firmware reimplementation.

The main limitation seems to be that "the Pebble hardware is very similar", that is, PineTime doesn't have a lot of extra CPU, RAM, or Flash to play with.  So the clone implementation can't cut corners, it would have to be at least as good as the original 2012 PebbleOS.  And PineTime has a lot of features that Pebble doesn't...

Still, it would be really nice to be able to cross-compile some of the old pebble watchfaces and see them run on new hardware -- or better, upload a .pbw directly to the watch via bluetooth. documents the pebble APIs you'd need to reimplement.  I looked but couldn't find any documentation on the PBW file format for watch faces. has a reimplementation of the pebble graphics APIs.

I'm interested in comparing notes with anyone who's thought hard about this.

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