Article: Build and Flash Rust+Mynewt Firmware for PineTime Smart Watch
(01-08-2020, 06:41 AM)Luke Wrote: Superb, I'll get it flashed for FOSDEM as one of the Demos Smile

[edit] I assume that a ROCK64 running Debian will do the same job as the RPI -- if so, then I could run this live at FOSDEM stall Smile

Erm Luke some bad news for ROCK64 ;-) If you check my config for OpenOCD... can see that it's using the Broadcom GPIO driver (bcm2835gpio). Which means that it only works with Raspberry Pi. The driver needs to support very precise GPIO timing. I don't think there's a similar driver for ROCK64 OpenOCD. Bummer.

I think you might be better off running Linux on PineBook Pro and using VSCode + ST-Link to flash PineTime?

The installation on Linux should be quite similar to the macOS steps in my article. Just need to update the OpenOCD path in the scripts and in this folder...

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