Help for a clueless newbie?
Ok, I'm not very tech savvy but I'd like to learn. I am learning Ruby and I find it incredibly hard and frustrating to get started on my windows computer.  I would like to learn a Ruby and possibly Python and attend hackathons/workshops with the Pinebook Pro. Eventually, I'd like to make games but that's way later. I just want to be able to learn the basics of programming with this laptop and hopefully do some basic other things like:

  • Dual boot Android/chrome - Honestly, I just want to play a few games from the google play store, lol. This part is super optional.
  • Do schoolwork:  Access my classes on the website, download/read PDFs, view videos.
  • Use apps like Mudlet.  I enjoy playing text-based games (MUDs) sometimes and I think Mudlet has a linux verison. A few games have browser based options, too.
  • Bonus points if I can learn about Arduino. My kids may be interested in those.
Thanks so much.

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