Newbie's first experience
I am new to the Pinebook Pro, but not Linux in general, and wanted to share some first thoughts on some tests I have made. Please note these are offered in the spirit of wanting to help, not as criticism. I am not in need of help to fix these things.

At first boot, I ran the updater. it shows 0 updates needed. This seemed unrealistic, so I ran sudo apt update in a terminal; it showed 90 updates available. I ran the updater again, but it still showed 0. I updated successfully anyway from the terminal.

Launching Chrome showed the Keyring request - potentially confusing for a newcomer?

I tried opening some standard testing files I use:

  • Graphics files opened in Nomacs as expected
  • Video files opened in SMPlayer, although there was a message warning the version of SMPlayer was out of date
  • A PDF file tried, but failed, to open in LibreOffice Draw; it seems there is no app for PDFs installed
  • MP3s open in SMPlayer, not RhythmBox. I was able to change that.
Using Caja, I tried browsing shares on my local network with the following problems:
  • Attempting to play video opened SMPlayer, but it crashed
  • Graphics files (PNG and JPG) tred to open Firefox, but failed. Forcing Nomacs works for the first image, but not subsequently
There appears to be no means to add a printer. Mine is connected to the local network. I got it working as follows:
  • Install system-config-printer
  • Install cups
  • From the run (Alt-F2) dialogue, run gksudo system-config-printer. (I subsequently modified the menu entry to run it as sudo)
This enabled the printer to be found and installed.

[*]Hope at least some of this might be of help.


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