Best Pinebook Pro power supply choice for Argentina
(12-07-2019, 11:39 AM)LaCaradeculito Wrote: Hi.

I'm about to order a Pinebook Pro but still not sure about the power supply option, which is EU or US formats. My country is Argentina. We use 220v. As for the plug, I guess I'll need an adapter anyway: it's the type used in Australia.

Does it make any difference to choose one or the other?

Thank you very much.

Pd.  I'm new to the forum. Sorry if this is not the best place to post it, or if there's already a thread for this topic. I couldn't find useful information after a search.

Hello, I'm from Argentina too! I bought the Pinebook pro with the adapter for Europe, and it goes perfect in the plugs here. It's the one with two round legs.
Saludos !!!

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