NVMe SSD adapter installation instructions?
I've just received my PBP and NVMe SSD adapter. Are there any instructions about how to install it? Most of the threads to date have been about early boards, clearances and whether or not which make/model SSD will fit. I cannot find anything that will help a noob install this board.

My board is labelled:
PineBookPro-NGFF / M2 M-KEY

There's also a FS logo and the digits 1935 printed after it.

I have a small plastic bag containing three tiny black screws, one small silver screw and a brass standoff (look like a thick washer). I also have a ribbon cable labelled SSD at one end and PCBA at the other.

Are there any step-by-step instructions for how to install this in the PBP? There's nothing in the wiki and nothing concise in the forums.

I don't have great experience with electronics hardware, so any noob guide to help me (and others) would be massively appreciated.


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NVMe SSD adapter installation instructions? - by c6Q$! - 12-06-2019, 04:58 AM

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