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How did we do this year and what could be done better?
Personally, I'm very impressed with how you did. For me, I'm sticking with Pine from now on for all my needs. My needs are simple. I'm not a developer and I can't even program. I'm just a regular consumer and I stumbled upon Pine when looking for a repairable smartphone (I can change the battery easily and that's already a win). I've bought two pinebook pros (one for dad) and one pinephone so far and I'll grab the pinetime too as soon as I can. I plan to tether the smartphone to the laptop for browsing the internet on the go from the laptop. I agree with some of the other posts that it would be great if shipping got cheaper. I tried to buy two laptops at once but couldn't. I presume this is because they're packed individually and it's just simpler that way. Maybe it's to discourage one individual from buying everything. It would be nice if you moved away from foam packaging eventually and just used cardboard and paper. Product information on the website is a bit slim but I see that anyone can contribute with what they know on the Wikipedia page. What has imressed me most so far about Pine was the announcement in November that an upgrade kit for the original pinebook is being considered, following forum interest in such an upgrade. This gives me great faith in Pine64. You guys seem to have a cohesive long term plan.

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