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How did we do this year and what could be done better?
Luke, IMO, just asking this question is very positive and bodes well for the organization and its projects. Overal Pine64 is doing remarkably well. .

That said I think the Pine store product listings could use improvement. Better and more complete and technical descriptions and specifications of the products for sale would greatly enhance the shopping experience. Particularly considering the Pine64 target customer - data sheets, user manuals, and schematics would make a lot of sense.

I agree with others that product shipping communication could be improved. Estimated shipping dates and ETA's are appreciated when one is purchasing.

In addition, some items in the store that apparently have technical problems such as the Pine64's NVMe SSD Interface Adapter (physical interference problems with the trackpad in the PBP) and the SERIAL CONSOLE product (5V/3.3V issues) should be removed promptly until any problems are resolved or replacements found. At the very least some explanation or notice of issues with a product should be included in the item's listing in the store.

Hate to mention anything negative with regard to Pine64 and the team as I think they are overal doing a really admirable job with great success. Wish them all well and they should all be proud of their accomplishments.

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