Quick Question Wayland vs X
I've not yet received my Pinebook Pro yet, so some of this may be obvious once I begin to work with various images.

On these threads, I see a lot of discussion about the function and performance of different DEs - XFDE, KDE, Gnome 3 - and nearly all of these reference the state of Wayland and the Panfrost driver for Mali T860 MP.

My own experience with Wayland is reasonable. Enough to determine that it is promising, but not yet mature enough in support by all applications and cases for my daily use with Gnome 3. Especially scaling with XWayland, but also other controls and decorations rendering. 

Are there obstacles on the Pinebook Pro that make use of X11 sessions for DE problematic? Are they slower, or is image size noticeably more bloated? Does Panfrost have notable impediment driving X11?  X is stable and easily configurable since X.org took over from XFree86, and I'd prefer my configurations to eliminate issues that on these forums, seem to have Wayland or Panfrost complexities.

Building kernels is no great barrier for me. I'm liable to try alternatives to Panfrost if they are a compilation or modules.conf effort.

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— Jeremiah Cornelius
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