An unofficial Debian Installer for Pinebook Pro
(12-04-2019, 03:34 AM)danielt Wrote: I've recently spent a little while hacking together a quick 'n dirty Debian installer for the Pinebook Pro.
I love it! Niecly done! I've installed GNOME3 and I am quite suprised about the good performance. Also Wayland seems to be a bit more responsive and  faster than Xorg in general. Mous pointer movement feels mor accurate.

Chromium WebGL Aquarium Demo runs at 6 FPS with default settings, Chromium on Manjaro runs it at 5 FPS :-)
However, sound output throuh the speakers does not work yet, it uses the headphone jack as output regardless of anything plugged in or not. I might git-clone tsys' kernel sources and give it a try.

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